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Growing up, I always felt a burning passion for music. I spent many hours of my teenage years deconstructing and constructing sound equipment, learning the inner workings of the tools that I would eventually end up using to produce music for others to dance to and enjoy. Although I have taken a couple detours in my DJing career – earning a Master’s Degree and landing work in the laser technology field – I have remained steadfastly devoted to music as a science and as an art form. Along with the rest of the Flawless Beat team, I draw influence from a variety of genres, preferring not to limit myself in any way, focusing on house music and its subgenres.
After all the ups and downs over the last decade, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I earned my Audio Producer Diploma at Deutsche Pop Akademie, and I feel ready to do what I love, to do what I always felt driven to do. What I want more than anything is to expand my career as a DJ and share my passion for music with people all around the world. If you are interested in reading more, press my whole story!

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